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¤ Quelques répliques cultes et incontournables de la série ¤

Stef : Hey, you two know that it's not true what Callie said, huh? You two are every bit as much our kids as Brandon is, yes?


Jude : So, are you and Stef married?
Lena :
Well, not exactly. Not legally, no. We're married in our hearts, I guess.
Jude :
That's basically the same thing, right?
Lena :
Basically, yeah.

Stef : We want this to be your very last way station ever, ever, ever.


Brandon : For the record, I love having two moms.


Mariana : How my best friend and brother lied to me?
: We didn't lie to you, we just didn't tell you.

Brandon : Callie, I already know everything I need to know about you.


Lena : Sometimes when we're out in a new neighborhood or walking home late to our car, we won't hold hands. Why? Some people out there are afraid of what's different, and sometimes they want to hurt people like Stef and me. So, every time we're out and I want to hold Stef's hand, but I decide not to? I get mad. I'm mad at the people who might want to hurt us, but mad at myself, too, for not standing up to them. 'Cause the thing is, if you're taught to hide what makes you different, you can end up feeling a lot of shame about who you are, and that's not ok. There's nothing wrong with you for wearing nail polish, just like there's nothing wrong with me for holding Stef's hand. What's wrong is the people out there who make us feel unsafe.


Jesus : There's is nothing anyone can say to change the way I feel about my family.

Wyatt : I grew up in this house! My mom worked so hard to pay for it! They took it after a few missed payments!
Callie : Hey hey It's just a house. It's not you, or your family, or your childhood. It's just a house. Some wood and some stone, and glass. I never had a house. Not in my whole life. I'm sorry they're taking yours away, but you don't have to let them take away what matters. Ok? All the memories and stuff.
That's yours. They can't have it.


Callie : He told me I was special and I believe him.


Jesus : I'm not gonna let anything bad happen to you. I promise.

Lena : I don't need a piece of paper and a ceremony to prove our love and commitment.

Callie : I know what it's like when everyone's looking at you weird, whispering about you after you walk by. It sucks. Big time. But you get over it.


Lena : All I know is we chose you. And you chose us. DNA doesn't make a family. Love does. We love you. And that is never gonna change

Lena : I'm not doing this. I'm not getting involved with a married woman. Women like you, you are just passing through. But this is where I live, Stef.
Stef : I told Mike. And I told my dad and I told all of my well, most of my friends. I told them I'm gay. I even used the word "lesbian". I told them I met a woman I can't live without. And I belong with you, Lena.
Stef : Will you marry me?
Lena : I thought you'd never ask.


Callie : I would have to give away the only thing I have left. The truth. You know what you did to me. I know what you did to me. So, I'm not going to lie about it. No, it was not consensual. No. He raped me.

Callie : [...] I wanted to thank you for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself.
: [...] You deserve to be happy. You are amazing, and kind, and smart, and beautiful and you deserve to be happy. You deserve to have everything you want. Don't you?

Jude : You ruin everything because you don't know how to be happy.

Stef : What are you doing? Lena, what are you...
Lena : I'm making my peace with it. If I'm going to marry you, I'm going to marry all of you. The scar, the bullet, and the cop.

Lena : Stefanie Marie Foster. You are a piece of work. But you're my piece of work. I accept you. Every single thing that makes you who you are, from now until the end of time I love you.
Stef : You're the person I've been waiting for my whole life And I am so proud to be standing up here in front of our friends and family to make sure they know just how lucky I feel to have found you and just how much I love you.




Jude : Mom? Would it be ok if Connor came over today? Would that be weird?
Lena :
[...] He called me Mom.

Stef : You know, you have you've never said one word about her, your mom. Tell me about this woman who created the amazing girl sitting in front of me, please.
Callie : I didn't kiss her goodbye. [...] I should've kissed her goodbye.
Stef : [...] You know, the last thing I said to my dad was to pretty much take the car and shove it. It's hard to lose someone you love and you never ever want to feel that pain again. Now the problem with that is, the only way to make sure that doesn't happen is you shut yourself off. And you stop loving.
That's no way to live. I know it's scary to open yourself back up again. Do you know that most of the time I feel like I have five separate hearts, running around outside of me. It's you kids.


Lena : Painting them for the big day? Are you excited?
: When did you know you were gay?
Lena : What do you mean?
Jude : There's this this girl at school, Maddie, and Connor wanted to go out with her, and I got all, kind of, jealous, I guess.
Lena : Ok. That happens.
Jude : But I don't think I'm jealous about Maddie.
Lena : Oh, honey. That's totally normal. Not normal, that's not what I mean. Let's not use the word normal at all. Honey, everybody gets jealous when their friend gets a boyfriend or girlfriend. Everybody. And it doesn't necessarily mean that you're gay or that you're not. And if you are or you're not, it really doesn't matter to us either way. We love you no matter what because you're you.

Jude : Well, I'm not getting adopted without you.
Callie : No, Jude. We have waited too long for this day, ok? I'm not going to let you do this.
Jude : But No
Callie : It's ok. It's ok. Hey, I'm ok, all right? Today is your day. And you are going to walk into that courtroom and officially, officially, officially become a member of this family, ok?


Connor : I know it's not true, but my dad won't let me sleep over at your house because he thinks you're gay. I know you're not. I just I have to do what he says. I'm sorry.
Jude :
What if I was gay?
Connor :
What do you mean?
Jude :
Would you not want to sleep over at my house if I really was gay?


Lena : You know, it's not all on you, ok? It's on me, too. When we got married, that night and the next morning I felt like we were we were more in love than ever. Like we were just zipped up in the same skin. I have never felt so happy so close to you. I want that feeling back. I want us back. I know that we can't always be as connected as we were on our wedding night. But you can't blame me for wishing that we could. And for missing you.
Stef : I miss you too. And I'm sorry. I get so stressed and worried about everything that I forget how important it is for us to take care of each other. And I know we make these promises all the time, but I'm gonna do better. Ok? I'm gonna do better.


Callie : So I want to acknowledge Robert Quinn for not only being a really nice guy but for being my father. It's a long story. We only really found out about each other recently. But I'm really grateful to have him in my life now. So thank you, Robert and thank you Jill and my sister, Sophia for being so kind to me.


Stef : What's going on, Callie?
Callie : I did something wrong and I couldn't tell you.
Stef : Is this why you're going to live with Robert?
Callie : I just thought that if I left on my own it wouldn't hurt as much as if you told me to go but it does.
Stef : OK, listen
Callie : It hurts so much.
Stef : Look at me. Nothing you can do is gonna make us not want you


Adam : I don't care that your son's gay. I just don't want mine to be.

Callie : Have you heard anything about Connor? How he's doing?
Jude :
I saw him. He's good. He's my boyfriend.

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